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Jesus Christ also known as Alan John Miller

'Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ'- Matthew 24: 4-5
There is a man in Australia who says that he's Jesus Christ.

"My name's Alan John Miller and I'm actually Jesus", he boldly asserts.

He says He can remember the events that happened to Him in His first coming 2,000 years ago, including His crucifixion, which He declares "wasn't as harrowing for me as it was for Mary and others who were present".

Jesus has set up a cult which He calls The Jesus Cult, and has created a compound in rural Australia in which He teaches 'Divine Truth' to "assist people to have a personal relationship with God". 

By Jesus's side is His partner Mary Magdalene also known as Mary Suzanne Luck.

Jesus says He also met in the afterlife many illustrious historical figures (though none as illustrious as Himself!) among them Moses and Abraham, Plato, Socrates and Gandhi. 

Jesus also plays the guitar.

What did William Shakespeare look like?

The face of William Shakespeare has been used for years by publishers, advertisers, comics, fanatics, bloggers, and many others, to illustrate whatever shoddy product they happen to be pedalling. But do we know what the man himself actually looked like? For sure there is no shortage of candidates...

Believed to have been painted around 1610 it has the undoubted advantage of being executed during the poet's lifetime. It is normally thought to be the work of the 'water poet' John Taylor, though there is another claim that it is from the brush of Shakespeare's friend and fellow thespian Richard Burbage. [Claim made by George Vertue, English engraver and antiquary 1684-1786] The portrait currently resides in the National Portrait Gallery (London).

Another likeness from Shakespeare's lifetime from circa 1610. It gets its name from the Cobbe family from where it descended. It was in the news in 2009 when Professor Stanley Wells said that "…

Joseph Pujol (Le Pétomane) - a man of music and no ordinary fart

Name: Joseph Pujol
Born: 1st June 1857
Profession: Flatulist or Professional Farter
Stage name: Le Pétomane

Joseph Pujol was a man born with an extraordinary gift. "I have a vacuum cleaner anus", he once explained. "My anus has such elasticity that I open it and close it at will".

In the army he demonstrated his 'vacuum cleaner anus' by using it to suck water up a tube from a bowl.

Upon leaving the army, he decided that his fortune clearly lay in his backside, and in 1887 he took to the Marseille stage where he regaled his audiences with his farting impressions of musical instruments.

Soon wind was breaking of a unique and rare talent. He moved to Paris, and in 1892 performed at the famous Moulin Rouge.

Audiences were intoxicated! One lady, bowelled over by the furious flow of forensic fumes from his flatulent fundament, needed medical attention. Soon the theatre management had to have a nurse on permanent stand-by.

His farting repertoire included renditions of La M…