Sunday, 26 April 2015

Doing the gemba walk

'Faster, you scurvy scum! Faster I say!'
Productivity manager doing the gemba walk.

In Japan they have a word - kaizen. The word means ‘good change’ and has been adopted by Japanese and international corporations as a term for business management and productivity.

They have another word - gemba. The word means ‘the real place’ and is used by the Japanese police for the scene of a crime. 

Gemba too been adopted by business in the phrase the genba walk, used to describe managers who prowl the work area looking for problems to solve and to keep the workers on their toes. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Napoleon Bonaparte - Portrait of a dictator as a young writer.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s first and last novel, Clisson et Eugenie, was published in France in 2007 and in English translation in 2009. 

Set in 1795, the action of the 17-page epic novella centres around a young French general of Corsican origin who spends several weeks in an enchanting residence near Lyon. He is 26 years old and weary of making war, and finds solace from his melancholy in the arms of 15 year old Eugenie. 

Seven years of bliss follow, and then the general, now 33 years old, is called once more to the service of his country. Then, tragically, he is wounded in battle and sends news of his misfortune to Eugenie through one of his officers. But alas the officer does not return and his beloved Eugenie does not write to him. 

Feeling doubly betrayed, our hero launches himself headlong into the next battle, and is killed by a thousand wounds.

The dejected Emperor contemplates his betrayal.