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The vedute artists who painted Venice - Canaletto, Luca Carlevarjis, Francesco Guardi

veduta (pl. vedute) (Italian) view, vista

The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute (1730)

The veduta genre of detailed urban landscape painting had its beginnings in Venice towards the end of the 17th century. 

The great Venetian masters, from Luca Carlevarjis to Canaletto and Francesco Guardi, worked incessantly to satisfy the demand throughout the continent.

Venice: The Wharf, Looking towards the Doge's Palace
(first half 1700s) Luca Carlevarjis

Francesco Guardi was just starting when Canaletto was enjoying great success. He continued to create in his paintings the atmosphere present in the master's work.

Venice: The Dogana and the Giudecca (c1775)
Francesco Guardi

Squares and avenues appear in the paintings, as well as country scenes with ruins and lush vegetation. 

Ruins of a Temple
Bernardo Bellotto (nephew of Canaletto)

With the scrupulous detail of Canaletto, and the emotional content of Guardi, they remain the masters of the art of the veduta.

Venice: Grand Canal

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