Friday, 23 November 2012

Invasion of the Saucer People. Is it already too late?

World leaders at the G8 Summit 2012?
Or aliens from outer space?

The one thing we can be sure about conspiracy theorists who tell us that aliens from outer space have infiltrated positions of power on Earth in order to take over the planet, is that they are wrong.

For if there were space aliens in our midst we would know them at once by their appearance. The green skin, the three heads, the propensity to hop along the ground on their twelve pairs of legs, would all tend to convince us that they were not native and to the manor born. 

And even if they had evolved human forms, and had been able to adapt to the gravity of our planet, and to sustain themselves on our alien cuisine, and to master our languages, including the ones with the tricky prepositions, we still may get suspicious when one of them arrives for a job interview and announces: ‘My - name - is - Mr - Smith - querk! - and - I - have - an - appointment - with - Mr - Brown - querk! - Please - let - him - know - I - am - here - querk!’

And, yet, we could be wrong. When we see our leaders, our political masters, strut and pose at photo ops, or babble in that curious low-minded manner of theirs, to avoid answering a question perhaps, or because they think it makes them appear statesmanlike, then it is hard to believe that they are not visitors from a distant galaxy. 

Why shouldn’t we be convinced that they are representatives of the Saucer People, and that the wars and chaos and the discord that they spread are all part of a grand, extra-terrestrial plan to prepare the way for an invasion?

But, no, they aren’t from another planet. Though sometimes, when one of them says something monumentally dim, and we stare at him or her in disbelief, can we really be blamed for wondering, if only for one millisecond of a moment, that perhaps maybe they are?

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