Saturday, 11 June 2011

André Derain: the Wild Beast of Charing Cross

Charing Cross Bridge, London by Andre Derain (1906)

“A painting is merely a snapshot that endures," said an art connoisseur.

French artist André Derain, painted many 'snapshots' of London bridges, in particular the bridge at Charing Cross, a London thoroughfare close to Trafalgar Square and the present Houses of Parliament, and which takes its name from the Eleanor Cross erected in the thirteenth century by King Edward I in memory of his wife Eleanor of Castile.

Derain was part of an art movement known as fauvists, or wild beasts, a derisive term given them by a low-minded critic who did not appreciate their use of unnatural colours.

Pont de Charing Cross by Andre Derain.

Charing Cross Bridge by Andre Derain (1905-6)

London Bridge by Andre Derain (1906)

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